Money Blowing In The Snow

Winter came relatively early this year. Snow fell every day for 4 days this week and now we have about 5” on the ground. With high temperatures falling into the teens today, there’s a good chance we’re stuck with the snow cover until next spring.

I was ahead of the cold blast in getting the lawn mowed one last time and putting the Christmas lights out, but I was late in getting my sports car stored. I was too busy watching the exciting Vikings & Packers games last Sunday when I should have been taking advantage of the nice(r) weather.

I got it stored on Monday as the snowstorm blew in. The battery is plugged into a trickle charger, the gas tank has stabilizer in it, and it’s covered up tightly in the garage for at least a 4-month’s winter nap.

I’m storing it at my son’s townhouse this year. I claimed one of the two garage spots when we bought the unit last year. It’ll save me $300 instead of storing it with Farmer Troy, who I’ve used the last few years.

That same $300 quickly got spent on something else. I had to contract with a driveway snow removal service for the time we’ll be in Florida this year. We’re leaving in January and will be back by St Patrick’s Day. Our son is close by to keep an eye on our house, but it didn’t seem fair to make him manage the driveway.

Sometimes life is that way – you save a few hundred dollars on something and then it is immediately spent on some other new expense. What money has blown in-and-out of your hands recently?

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9 thoughts on “Money Blowing In The Snow

  1. Expression: Easy Come, Easy Go. I’ve never found money Easy Come. In youth, I learned making money required intent, focus, discipline, diligence, effort, energy, and time. Easy Go is all-too-easy. Especially in times of wicked inflation, as we now experience. But the same character traits that enable money to come in can also be applied to it going out. The big step-change comes when money you made starts making money for you. This reminds me of my mom’s wisdom: “If you take care of the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves.”

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    1. Good comments! “Easy come, easy go” IS an odd saying, isn’t it? We were in our late 20s before money started making money for us. Until then, we were saddled down with debt from college & grad school … student loans and credit cards. We were saving money, but our money (previously spent) was costing us more in interest than what we were saving. That was a tough lesson, but one we taught to our son from an early age.

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    2. I remember a millionaire advising me when I was in my mid 20s (back when a million was a big deal) that it is harder to get from zero to one hundred thousand, than to get from one hundred thousand to one million. The guy was absolutely spot on.

      Most people do not watch their pennies (cost) so they never save and invest so they are not even in the game of having their money earn money.

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  2. I am so glad you’ll be able to go to Florida in Jan. It’s already cold here in Maryland. I’ve met a few clients, I am a dog trainer, that leave for Florida either in January, like you, or right after Thanksgiving! That’s what I call the best of both worlds!

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    1. Yeah – the high temperature in Minneapolis this afternoon was 18 degrees. In January, we frequently have high temps that are below zero. Really cold!


      1. 18 degrees? Just thinking about it makes me shiver 🥶. I used to live in Massachusetts, and I thought, and still think, that winters were freezing, but Minneapolis is worse. I hope that we have a mild winter here in Maryland. Bundle up. You are brave. Why? Bc you live in Minneapolis.

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      2. I enjoy the winter for the most part. The contrast with summer here is incredible. My wife doesn’t agree – we’re up to 2.5 months in FL this year. I only expect that to continue! 🌞

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