Post-College ‘Raise’?

We are very proud of our son who graduated from college this past weekend with his degree in computer science. He finished ‘on-time’ – completing his studies 4 years after first walking through these arches as a Freshman. He’s all set to start working a week from today as a software/web developer at a local software company. He interned there last summer and got a … Continue reading Post-College ‘Raise’?

College Savings Completely Spent

University classes started for my son last week and today we went into his 529 College Savings Plan to transfer money to the college for his tuition.  Surprise – after paying for his Fall Semester’s tuition, the account is now empty! We started saving for his college tuition when he was just a baby, so this is a pretty big personal finance milestone.  Other than … Continue reading College Savings Completely Spent

College Savings / 529 Plan Check-In

Our son’s J-Term from college ended yesterday. He’s been out of the classroom since just before Christmas and will be starting his Spring semester today. It’s hard to believe the he’ll be finishing his Junior year in a few months and he has already started to interview for summer internships. I thought this might be a good time to look back on how the 15 … Continue reading College Savings / 529 Plan Check-In

Retire Before Children Head Off To College?

2015-07-31 15.23.41

Well, it looks like “the Boy” – our seventeen year-old son is set for where he wants to go to college. I’ve written before on the cost of college, but wanted to share a little bit about how we have saved & planned for his matriculation into post-secondary education. Many people can’t conceive of retiring before your kids are done with college, but I feel confident that we are well set in that department.  How did we do it? Continue reading “Retire Before Children Head Off To College?”