“No Responsibility January” & Travel Planning for 2018

We’re back to “No Responsibility January” at the Fire Station. Last year I noted that January has become a pretty chill month for us with me not working, my son off from college, and my wife no longer working her part-part time job.  While it seems like the rest of the world is back to school or work – we’re just goofing off. With time … Continue reading “No Responsibility January” & Travel Planning for 2018

Thrifty Thursday – Cruise Ship Excursions

Our family has taken quite a few cruises over the years and I am always amazed at how often folks pay big bucks for excursions through the cruise line companies.  This is a key source of revenue for cruise companies, but not really necessary for most ports. Our last trip was a good example.  We were on a Scandinavian cruise and porting for the day … Continue reading Thrifty Thursday – Cruise Ship Excursions

Reminiscing On The Water

We are at sea today on our summer vacation cruise of Scandinavia. Yesterday we were in Copenhagen, and today we are sailing toward Tallinn, Estonia.  We are on a Royal Caribbean ship, although we have cruised on different ones in the past.  As we were pulling out of the harbor yesterday, there were several other cruise ships also departing, including ships from MSC, Holland America, … Continue reading Reminiscing On The Water

Cruising Toward Early Retirement

I’m writing this post from a cruise ship crossing into the Baltic Sea. We are on summer vacation and taking a cruise to the Scandinavian countries (and a two-day stop in Russia). As a family, we have taken about a half dozen cruises to all different places – Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Mediterranean (twice), and now this one. As I’ve written before, I love to travel … Continue reading Cruising Toward Early Retirement