Grown-Up Guilty Pleasure – Luxury Cars

There is probably no luxury that I have done more of an about-face on over the past 20 years than luxury automobiles. My DW and I started out very humbly in our 20s when we got married. We were very practical: she had a 11-year old Ford Fairmont (boring, but mostly reliable). I had managed to drive a few junkers into the ground through college … Continue reading Grown-Up Guilty Pleasure – Luxury Cars

Four Simple Words That Saved Us $$$ Thousands

I’m not sure when my wife and I started using the expression.  I imagine we were shopping at the mall and trying to decide whether or not to splurge on something that might or not prove useful.  It started pretty innocently I’m sure, but quickly became a trusted decision rule that has saved us thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars over the years. … Continue reading Four Simple Words That Saved Us $$$ Thousands

Happily Ever After @ $75K Lifestyle

A big part of reaching FIRE is having a plan for the lifestyle that you want after retirement.  Many people work “one more year” because they fear quitting the workforce and finding out that they don’t have enough financial resources to live happily ever after.  Fortunately, the level at which money drives happiness is (relatively) low at about $75,000. The Huffington Post published this graphic … Continue reading Happily Ever After @ $75K Lifestyle

Bank Your Raises To Catch FIRE

Saving for FIRE is the last thing on the minds of most people.  Although almost everyone dreams of being financially independent and retiring early, very few are doing anything about it.  Americans saved just 4.4% of their income in 2014, according to the latest figures from a report from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.  I’m guessing that is much too low to reach the … Continue reading Bank Your Raises To Catch FIRE

Living Debt Free – That’s Means The Mortgage Too!

How can you find a secure 5-15% return on your investment with NO risk at all? Simple – start paying off your debts. The FIRE lifestyle begins with paying off the bank, credit cards & mortgage. Debt is a four-letter word that needs to be banished from your financial vocabulary. There are a few simple strategies to do so. One approach says to pay off … Continue reading Living Debt Free – That’s Means The Mortgage Too!