Still On Our FIRE Honeymoon

Last year, when I was just early retired a few weeks, I wrote this article describing the ‘honeymoon’ period of leaving work behind.  I even shared a ‘5 Stages of Retirement’ academic framework that many already-retired readers immediately called B.S. on – complaining that the sudden feeling of freedom does NOT grow old and that the honeymoon of early retirement NEVER ends! These comments came … Continue reading Still On Our FIRE Honeymoon

Never Ending Honeymoon?

Last week I published a post that discussed the ‘honeymoon’ phase of retirement and included a chart on the phases of retirement (from, sourced to Dr. Sara Yogev). While I certainly feel like I’m in the honeymoon phase now –  after just a few weeks away from the office – I went to the forums on to see what some more ‘experienced’ early … Continue reading Never Ending Honeymoon?