Stop Saving, Start Spending In Retirement?

More than 15 years ago, some colleagues and I were talking about how effective we were in building our savings.  We were all making a good living, but some were more successful in building their net worth than others. One colleague – a single guy with a snappy car – mentioned that he started out being a good saver, but had recently been spending too much … Continue reading Stop Saving, Start Spending In Retirement?

Liebster Award Part II – Great New Blogs


This is the second part of a two-part post related to the Liebster Award, a pass-a-long recognition of seemingly unknown origin, is used by small bloggers pay to pay forward a little visibility to other small bloggers (less than 200 followers).  Captain Sparky here at has been active for only about 8 months, so I was excited to get the nod from and feel honored to pass it along. Continue reading “Liebster Award Part II – Great New Blogs”