Thrifty Thursday – Free e-Magazines To Check Out


Here’s a great deal I found out before leaving on our recent vacation: through our local library, I can download dozens of magazines to my tablet without any cost.  

We were leaving for our recent cruise and I looked into downloading a book onto my iPad.  That’s unusual for me, as I am more often reading magazines and newspapers than full books.  Short attention span, I guess.  I was looking at our local library website and noticed the also have a magazine “lending” service for tablets. Bingo!

The app is called Zinio for Libraries and our library has a broad selection of magazines available.  I downloaded Car & Driver, Fast Company, Midwest Living, Popular Science, Men’s Health, National Geographic Traveler, and Kiplinger’s to take on the trip. I also downloaded a couple magazines for my wife. All of the magazines go onto my tablet (an iPad Mini) and I simply delete them when I’m done so someone else can use “borrow them”.  Most of the issues were current, but I don’t mind browsing back issues for the few that only had those available.

What a terrific program.  I’m not sure how the business model works for the publishers, Zinio, or the library itself, but it’s breakthrough for a magazine reader like myself. 

Anyone else tried this app?

Image Credit: Pixabay

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