FIRE Station Fun – Life Of Independence

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In the MegaCorp world, you are in the Navy.  Most everything is respectable, most everyone follows the orders, and most everybody works to get along.  While the discipline and diligence drives efficiency and executional success, the lack of independence and spontaneity can be huge demotivators to people over time.

Achieving FIRE (financial independence & retiring early) has me feeling like a pirate – going rogue from corporate life and living each day without the rules of MegaCorp or what society expects of someone not quite 50.

Next week we are heading on vacation – just a week before early retirement on 4/1. No longer following MegaCorp vacation rules is one benefit to turning pirate.

Image Credit: Pixabay

9 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Life Of Independence

    1. It’s just kind of how things worked out with Spring Break and Easter timing this year. I’m quite pleased with the timing!


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