Friday Inspiration – Prince’s Independence

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called LIFE.”

Living in the Twin Cities since high school and through college in the 1980s, it is easy to say that Prince wrote a huge part of the musical soundtrack of my life.  An amazingly prolific musician, unstoppably entertaining showman, and thoughtful but respectful activist, Prince was a true musical innovator for whom the word ‘genius’ truly seems fitting.

He was also known as a provocative businessman who helped change the way the music industry operates.  He fought for the financial independence of musicians and viewed his relationship with record companies as a cause of justice.  His zest for life and desire to live on his own terms represents an inspirational call to action for all of us looking for our own LIFE of financial independence.  The goal is to live life to the fullest – however we will.

‘Cause in this life, things are much harder than in the after world.
In this life – You’re on your own.”

Image: Prince / Super Bowl 2007



4 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration – Prince’s Independence

  1. Prince wrote much of the soundtrack to my childhood and teenage years as well. Like you, I was moved to feature him today, writing the Top 5 Money Lessons from Prince

    Unlike you and I, I don’t think retirement was in Prince’s vocabulary. He could have been making music for decades to come, much like his fellow Minnesota native Bob Dylan.

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  2. Prince definitely left this world a better place. Hadn’t known about the business side of him, which fit well with his musical work. Will be lots of distracted workplaces today ….

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    1. Yes – he was uncompromising when it came to his music and to his independence. I am hoping to head down to First Avenue in Minneapolis this afternoon.

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