FIRE Station Fun – The Little Things


They say you should make sure to enjoy the ‘little things’ in life and I am learning (in my fourth week of early retirement) just how enjoyable the little things are.

This week, I have had very little scheduled.  I had a few nice lunches and breakfasts with people, we went to the afternoon movie as a family ($5 Tuesdays), and I had a couple board/investment meetings, but none of the days were very full.  Instead, I was able to take my time catching up on this & that.  It was great.

I am starting to click into some of the things that were on my “What are you going to do in early retirement list” and my “pre-FIRE Escape Not-Bored List”.  I’ll give you an update in some detail over the next couple weeks, but I can tell you whenever I don’t have anything to do (often), I have a lot of things to choose from.  With respect to the John Lennon quote above, I am enjoying not making any plans and enjoying the little things that comprise life.

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8 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – The Little Things

  1. Curious, do you find yourself getting sucked into watching tv when you don’t have much planned or do you end up keeping yourself busy still?

    I would find that a challenge because you can always find something good on. And not saying that would be bad… It would be quite relaxing to slowly wake up, have a cup of coffee and watch the news.

    The Green Swan

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    1. Good question! No – I haven’t watched much TV so far. I like TV, but other than catching the news in the morning, I haven’t watched more than I did a month ago (even though it has been cold & wet for the last 10 days).


  2. Your thoughts remind me of a Rare weekend in college when I had nothing planned. I told my buddy that for the first time in forever, I didn’t have anything on the calendar. He said something along the lines of “that’s lame” and I said “No, it’s great!” I relished the blank slate, and it sounds like you are too!


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    1. It is great! Reminds me in college of when exams were over and there was a long weekend before the next Semester started. Nothing happening on campus and complete freedom from obligations.


  3. Yes, the little things. Like watching my 9-year old son at baseball this week hitting a triple and seeing the joy in his eyes when he left the field. Its the little things that are actually big. Getting older allows you to recognize these little things much better. At least it does for me.

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    1. I guess that is part of the wisdom that comes as we get older. That it’s not the big things we strive for, but the little things that make the difference!


  4. That’s totally awesome that you’re able to go to the movie for so cheap on a weekday. I’m on parental leave this week and have gotten a taste of FI a little bit. Doing some things on a weekday instead of weekend is totally awesome.

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    1. Yes – the opportunity to timeshift things to weekdays when everyone else is at work is fantastic. The theater by our house has five dollar movies every Tuesday and also the big leather reclining seats!


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