FIRE Station Fun – Happiness Is Made, Not Bought

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Yes – Mr & Mrs. FIRE Station have been very blessed to be able to retire more than a decade earlier than the average person, but it does come with an opportunity cost of 10+ years of income.  While we are not living a “frugal” lifestyle, we are still making a choice to forgo the material benefits of working.  Why do so?  At this point of our lives, I think that TIME is the ultimate LUXURY and it shouldn’t be a stretch to make the most of all we have been so fortunate to receive.

Here is a link to an article about the classic study on the relationship between money and happiness by Nobel-prize winning economist Angus Deaton, who says that happiness tops out at about $75K / year of income.

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2 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Happiness Is Made, Not Bought

  1. Happy Friday! All about how and what you do with the money you have, not necessarily how much you make. Too many chase money which leads to stress and unhappiness. Once we came up with a plan for our money our happiness improved and stress reduce. I’m a big fan of having a plan. 🙂

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