FIRE Station Fun – Enjoy Every Day

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Like many people on the journey to early retirement, I spent a lot of time tracking the performance of our investments and growth of our nest egg.  I was anxious to see the numbers grow and ultimately tested our financial wherewithal through eight different lenses to ensure we were ready to take the leap into early retirement.

Many times I would check my phone or the web for the latest stock price, account update, or financial news at work.  While I was interested in how our retirement fund was growing, I wasn’t moping around work wishing my time away.  As Oprah remarked, I “did what I had to do” – but I also did it with a lot of genuine enthusiasm and energy.

Oftentimes I get comments from people saying they wish they were in my shoes right now and can’t wait to get to early retirement.  My advice?  Do what you have to do – but also enjoy it every day!

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