FIRE Station Fun – Aging Richly

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Today is the last day of my son’s Senior year in high school. School ends at noon on Friday, and he is off for the summer before leaving for college in the fall. He is a terrific kid and it has been a great joy to watch him grow up.

Last night, we had a wonderful time attending a an event in the park to open a time capsule that his kindergarten class put together 13 years ago. Many of the kids go to different schools now, but it was great to have them all together one more time with many of their teachers and original school principal.

Many of our long time friends are in a similar lifestage – their kids are graduating from high school, or have already left for college. It has been fun to reconnect with many of them as our kids had off into the world. It makes you appreciate the time that we have spent together over the years and the shared experiences and memories that make life worth living!

Here’s wishing everyone a terrific Memorial Day weekend!

12 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Aging Richly

  1. Congrats to your son! Opening the time capsule sounds like a fun activity. I have always heard of classes doing this but never hear of people actually retrieving them. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


    1. It was the first time I’ve ever been to a time capsule opening of any kind. It was a fun day. About 1/4 of the original kindergarteners made it.


  2. Congrats to your son! Does he know what he wants to study in college? I wish we did a time capsule, that would be fun to “remember when” Have a great Holiday weekend!

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    1. Yes – he is going to college near home, but living on campus. He is going to study information technology or computer science.


    1. They were the first kindergarten class in a bran new school 13 years ago. To celebrate the opening of the school, some of the parents thought it would be great to do a time capsule. It was a lot of fun to have all of them together again.


  3. Congratulations to your son! Today should be a memorable day. The time capsule must have been quite fun.

    Your post today is very fitting for my wife and I. We’re visiting a high school friend & family a couple thousand miles from home. Enjoying good company in wine country. We’ll be touring a winery and visiting a couple breweries today.

    Unlike you, I do return to work on Tuesday, but we will enjoy the long weekend. Enjoy yours!

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  4. I’m curious what was in the time capsule! I had the opportunity to open a new elementary school many years ago. We put a time capsule behind a plaque on the wall, then got to return 20 years later to open the capsule. We had put in a VHS tape of kids, along with a floppy disk (the kind that actually flop) and the front page section of the local newspaper. Had to work pretty hard to find a player for that video, but it was really fun when we did!

    Best wishes for your son, and enjoy a wonderful weekend – I’d say long weekend, but aren’t they all??? ~ Lynn

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    1. The first thing the (now retired) Principal pulled out was his school lanyard & employee ID. “I wondered where that went” he sincerely commented. 🙂

      They also had the front page of newspapers, a flag flown on the US Capitol and on the school’s opening day, various proclamations from Senators & former Governor, and rocks from the school’s groundbreaking ceremony. The neatest thing was that each of the kindergarten classes had little booklets that had one page for each kid with their handprint and their name scribbled in their early handwriting. A VHS tape sounds like an awesome idea!


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