FIRE Station Fun – Up Your Imagination

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When it comes to trips, I agree with the saying that the journey is as much fun as arriving at the destination.  Likewise, there is something fun about thinking about your future and imagining how you might want it to look.  The visioning part of any effort is where we fall in love with our goals and are free to imagine anything we want to aspire to.

A life of financial independence & retiring early (#FIRE) starts in the imagination.  It’s a goal to live life differently from most and march down your own path.  The first milestone in creating that life is setting the early retirement date that you are going to aspire to.  That’s where creating the life you want really begins!

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7 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Up Your Imagination

    1. Cappadocia? Wow – that is supposed to be beautiful. We’ve been to Izmir (& Ephesus), but there is so much of that country we would like to see.


  1. Yes, happy Friday and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads!
    FYI, I actually told my boss “we may be retiring before the end of the year” – I didn’t say October. But what a freakin’ relief.

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    1. Shock and surprise I’m sure. It is a relief to get it “out”. It will change your relationship with your boss in an instant. Congrats!


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