FIRE Station Fun – Road Crews Reactions

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There are people working all around us, of course – every day 24×7.  Especially during the workweek, but there are also many people working on the weekends.  That said, even after just three months of early retirement you start to not notice them as much.  Many jobs are ‘out of site’ – people that work in office buildings, folks that work on the road, and people that work from home.  I don’t know what % of the workforce that is, but it is pretty high.

Road constructions are very noticeable and obtrusive.  Everyone sees them.  In Minnesota, we say that there are two seasons: winter and road construction.  Road construction is very much underway right now all over the city and close to our house.

It’s odd to drive by these construction crews in the middle of the day when I’m heading to play golf or tennis.  I read in their glances and expression, “who is this guy that is goofing off?”  The reaction is exacerbated by driving our red convertible.

It makes me feel like a complete rogue, but I won’t mind them if they don’t mind me!  🙂

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10 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Road Crews Reactions

    1. Celebrity – yes I sort of could be. People talk about ‘loss of status’ in retirement, but I find that early retirement has its own status. 🙂


    1. It is the worst road construction ‘season’ I can ever remember. I have resisted consulting gigs so far – other than some board work that I do on a VERY limited basis.

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      1. I have a really hard time saying no to jobs (REALLY hard time). I sometimes feel like I have wasted my degree if I am not doing something in my “field”. I just need to realize my degree has given me freedom (I do a few online adjunct gigs that I can do from anywhere) and be happy with that!

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      2. I just turned down an opportunity to go back to work for a 3-6 month project. Too much. Maybe I’ll regret it in the middle of winter.

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  1. I’ve felt those looks going into work “late” after a dentist visit.
    Got stuck in super slow traffic on a Thursday night, around 10 pm because it made sense to hoist a sign that late at night. I guess they expected a lot fewer cars on the road.

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