FIRE Station Fun – Visiting MegaCorp

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While I keep up with a lot of my former colleagues, I haven’t actually been on the MegaCorp campus and in the buildings since I left on April Fool’s Day.  That changed this week as I went to lunch with a friend on Wednesday (thanks, DC!) and had a chance to come into the office as a “VISITOR” and say “Hi!” to my friends during the work day.

I certainly wasn’t dressed for business – which was a little awkward.  I was playing tennis right after lunch and just had shorts and a polo shirt on.  That’s pretty much my summer uniform now and everyone commented on my relaxed attire and tan.  It was definitely an extended moment of deja vu to see people scurrying around from meeting to meeting and offices filled with familiar faces and conversations.

As the Fitzgerald quote highlights, everything did seem the same at MegaCorp as the day I left, but my life has changed dramatically.  Overall, I would say that my attitudes toward time, busy-ness, and personal freedom have changed permanently from before.  I have had a few people approach me about new opportunities, but don’t think I can take on an extended obligation again – even after only five months of our new lifestyle.

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11 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Visiting MegaCorp

  1. That’s great you stopped by to say hi to the old co-workers. Was it awkward at all? Hopefully you’ll serve as a motivation to others to follow your path and improve their own personal finances.

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    1. It wasn’t too awkward, other than not being ‘dressed up’ for work. It was great to see folks I hadn’t seen in a few months.


  2. I’d imagine it’d feel like going back to school and watching a class, knowing that your life has moved on and even just visiting gives you that surreal “backwards” feeling. It’s good to hear that FIRE fits you so well – I’m sure those old co-workers were quite jealous! You sounded like you were dressed as the epitome of successful retirement – tanned and ready for tennis – at least it wasn’t golf or you would have been a little too cliche 😉



  3. Such a timely post! I went back to my workplace this week too (but actually to work for a few weeks!) I’ve been gone from this job for four years and it was so nice to see all of the people I worked with. I am just filling in for a few weeks – but it definitely shows how much I have changed. I will have had my fill by the time a replacement is hired but it will definitely be time for me to get back on my own schedule.

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    1. Returning after four years – Wow! That has to really be quite an experience. I can’t imagine where I will even be in 4 years.

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  4. Really like the quote; not one I am very familiar with but very appropriate. When I meet with ex-colleagues, and I still do after 2 years although fewer and fewer, it does feel like same-old stuff and I am different! I am more positive emotionally, less stressed by the need to appear busy, and less willing to deal with politics of the corporate world. My mentoring advice has definitely shifted….maybe that’s why fewer and fewer folks call me!

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    1. The work world turns very slowly. We once had the father of one of our employees come in for lunch because he had worked on our business 30+ years earlier. We did a comparison of the business over those three decades and found that it was hardly different at all!

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  5. I love visiting the past to see how far I’ve come. It seems that you’ve done just that AND you were able to catch up with some old colleagues, I’m sure they want to be come FIRE more now as a result!


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