FIRE Station Fun – Christmas Shopping


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  As Jay Leno once said, for guys it is “The Official Start of the Christmas Shopping Season”.  It’s true that quite a few guys (and I’m sure gals too) leave a significant share of their Christmas shopping until the day before Christmas.  My brother and I used to make an annual event of going out on Christmas Eve and shopping for a present for our parents. 

December is a busy month and shopping sometimes slips to the last minute.  I had beer & pizza with a couple good friends last night and we all commented that it’s a bit easier to get through your gift list with online shopping than it was in the past.  Even though I have plenty of time to shop since I retired earlier this year, I still purchased almost half of the gifts on my list through Amazon Prime.  I love the convenience of Amazon Prime!

If you are interested in “How America Shops” st the Holidays relative to your own habits, check out this LINK to numbers from shopping studies that look at planned Christmas gift spending for 2015.  You might be surprised how your shopping compares!


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11 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Christmas Shopping

    1. Good for you! Are you one of those super organized types that start before Halloween? Have a great time with your family at Christmas!


    1. We have done a lot of that too. We got rid of birthday gifts and Mother’s Day Father’s Day gift a few years ago. And put an end to extended family Christmas gifts two years ago.

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    1. The funny thing is… I like to go to the mall. I went to the malls all the time over the last month, but did most of my shopping online all the same.


  1. I found that it was hard to not feel bad about getting out the Christmas cards on time… being retired, you would think I’d have them in the mail before Dec 22nd! Shopping on-line for years – I’ve always hated the crowded stores and we do less presents every year. But we went to our local specialty food store yesterday and it was packed. But everyone was in a good mood, so it was OK. Lots of smiles and excuse me’s and “have a happy holiday”. So… to you – Smiles and Happy Holidays!

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    1. I agree… Even when the stars are busy this time of year, people are in high spirits. I’m glad that the season brings out the best in people – even when everybody is trying to get everything done. 🎄☃️❄️

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  2. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, that you got all the presents you wanted, and none that you didn’t.


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