FIRE Station Fun – New Year!


It’s been fun to have our family & friends out of school and work over the last week, but of course many will be back at the grind next Monday.   Not us – since early retiring last April, we’ve been on one long extended weekend.  It truly has been a complete lifestyle change!

While it’s been well noted that 2016 has been an unusual year for public events, it has been a great year for reaching many of our long-standing personal goals.  The question I would like to challenge readers for 2017 is what goals will you complete in the next year?

To get you started, here are the TOP TEN most common New Year’s Resolutions … that I updated from what I published here a year ago.  It’s true that one year can go by very quickly.  My focus for 2017 will be #1 & #6.  Regardless of which ones you choose – make 2017 a great one!


H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R  !!

Image Credit:  Pixabay

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