FIRE Station Fun – Live Free


I think today’s quote captures most people’s quest toward a life of financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) as well as anyone could.  I jotted it down several years ago on a Post-it note and had it stuck to my calendar in my office at work.

People solve for their success in life in different ways.  For me, it was working for MegaCorp for 27 years and saving up enough in our retirement accounts so that I never had to work again.  Others find occupations that give them the flexibility to not answer to “the boss” by working for themselves or owning their own business.  Indisputably there is a huge power in spending life in your own way – that is, being FREE!

Whatever your approach is, make sure you have your eye on the prize.  If you don’t have a solid plan to get you to a life of FIRE, you are apt to work a long time before you get to live life completely on your terms.  In a sense, you are saying other people value your time more than you do.  That would be a shame.


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2 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Live Free

  1. Thank you for sharing this perfect New Year reminder.
    Wishing you a happy and health 2017! I look forward to continuing to follow your posts.


  2. And a Happy New Year to you, Mr. Fire Station! I think Mr. Morley is onto something.

    I like the site redesign, by the way.


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