Have A Great Day, MegaCorp!

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It’s now been a full year-and-a-half since I left MegaCorp and early retired.  I drive by the corporate campus on the freeway almost daily and always give a quick wave or salute to my former colleagues that are still in the main buildings we used to work together in.

Before I announced I was leaving MegaCorp, I wanted to make sure that I was on good standing with everyone I worked with and was leaving with no regrets.  I knew that I would be driving by the headquarters often and didn’t want to have any bad feelings about my time there or how I finished up.

I’m happy to say after 18 months away, I still keep up with a good number of people I worked with and don’t have any second thoughts or misgivings when I see the big red MegaCorp logo on top of the main building.

While many colleagues have now changed jobs within the company, retired themselves, or caught on with another company, I still feel like I have friends there and will continue to silently wish them well as I drive by.  I figure they are probably all in a nauseating budget review and or endless project review meeting and could use the well-wishes!

Happy Friday MegaCorp – enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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9 thoughts on “Have A Great Day, MegaCorp!

    1. Everyday is wonderful, but the weekends are still special because everyone is off of work and there are always a lot of great activities in the metro area happening. Still look forward to the weekend!


  1. And don’t you find yourself thinking, as you run errands during the work day, about those poor friends who are in mind-numbing meetings…and how very LUCKY we are????? Have a great weekend! And enjoy your Monday, too! ~ Lynn

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  2. I’ve been early retired just about the same length of time as you and haven’t missed the corporate life at all. I stay involved with many of my old colleagues due to side gigs that have me consulting for a number of companies, including my former employer, but it is very part time with lots of time for running, tennis, hiking and fishing. My spouse has been early retired for decades and we share all of those hobbies and more. There are no emergencies and I decide how much I want to do and life is just plain fun! Glad you are enjoying it as well.


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