Suddenly … Five Years

We went to Walt Disney World on Wednesday morning and spent the day at one of our favorite places …. EPCOT Center. Before we left our rented townhouse, I peeked at my daily FaceBook ‘Memories’ which included this unforgettable post from exactly 5 years ago … The funny this is, I had forgotten it. You would think like a birthday or anniversary, you would remember … Continue reading Suddenly … Five Years

Anniversary Memories

This past Tuesday, my wife and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary with a getaway to Minnesota’s scenic North Shore on Lake Superior. Over dinner on the deck of a lakefront restaurant, we were sharing memories of our wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. They are all distant memories now, but many stick with you from the time they happen. I recalled my Dad’s reaction to the … Continue reading Anniversary Memories

Revisiting The Apollo-Era In Kidulthood

I have written before about early retirement feeling a lot like a second childhood. It’s the opportunity to have all of the advantages of being an adult, while also re-indulging in the joys of childhood. It’s ‘Kidulthood’, if you will. Today, I thought I would expand on that idea by sharing the time I am spending revisiting the most exciting historical event of my lifetime: … Continue reading Revisiting The Apollo-Era In Kidulthood

Third FIRE Anniversary (1) – April Fool’s Day

Three years ago this very day, I blasted out of MegaCorp and into the sunshine of early retirement.  I had the Beatles’ Revolution on the car stereo and I’m sure many colleagues thought it was more an April Fool’s Day prank than one of the most epic decisions of my life.  That night, as a family we toasted the future with a bottle of Dom … Continue reading Third FIRE Anniversary (1) – April Fool’s Day

FIRE Milestone – One Year Anniversary of Early Retirement!

Tomorrow – April Fool’s Day, appropriately enough – marks the one year anniversary of leaving MegaCorp for early retirement last year.  The year has gone very fast and filled with a lot of fun and terrific memories. I don’t have any words of wisdom to share other than TIME is the ultimate luxury and the sooner you can reach financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), … Continue reading FIRE Milestone – One Year Anniversary of Early Retirement!

Early Retirement – Six Month Anniversary

This past Saturday (10/1) marked the six month anniversary of the day I walked out of MegaCorp for early retirement.  It was April Fool’s Day, which seemed liked the most appropriate day of the year to do something so foolish.  How’s it been so far? – terrific, I’d say.  A friend who retired a few months early has been thinking the same thing. To mark … Continue reading Early Retirement – Six Month Anniversary