Suddenly … Five Years

We went to Walt Disney World on Wednesday morning and spent the day at one of our favorite places …. EPCOT Center. Before we left our rented townhouse, I peeked at my daily FaceBook ‘Memories’ which included this unforgettable post from exactly 5 years ago …

The funny this is, I had forgotten it. You would think like a birthday or anniversary, you would remember what day you threw away your perfectly good 27-year career. Yet, I had forgotten about the date completely.

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It was funny to read the comments people had made. Most people only vaguely knew that I had a goal to retire before I was 50. Many work colleagues were caught completely by surprise. These were a few of my favorite comments …

⁃ “Retired? Nice! Congratulations!!”

⁃ “Congratulations – you’ve come a long way and done so much!”

⁃ “Very happy for you. Thanks for setting the standard!”

⁃ “Yes, freedom! EARNED, not granted. I am so happy for you!”

A few people weren’t convinced I would / should stay retired …

⁃ “Congratulations, but I kind of doubt you’re done. My Dad retired 3 times. I think you’re going to be bored, because there’s not enough to do 355 days/year.”

⁃ “I bet you do something in 6 months. Enjoy your break.”

⁃ “Oh my! Time to do something really great now, the world needs you :)”

I reposted the original post today and wrote “Five fantastic years …”. I figured that since people share their work anniversary dates, why not share my FIRE anniversary date? A bunch more comments resulted. Some were from people I didn’t even know 5 years ago …

⁃ “Happy Anniversary❣️I’d never read this before – thanks for taking us along on the journey!!”

⁃ “You have been an inspiration to me.”

⁃ “Still inspired by it… not the whiskey, the freedom 😉

It’s been fun to think back today and recall the feelings and emotions that came with quitting my job 5 years ago. At the time, I said it was either “the smartest or stupidest” thing I had ever done – only time would tell.

Now, 5 years later, I am proud of what I did and have really enjoyed each and every day in a very special way. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about how unique my situation is and thank my lucky stars that it all came together successfully.

If you are on your journey towards FIRE today – keep getting after it. I know it is an enormous challenge, but you are going to have an amazing new life!

Now, I’m off to play at Walt Disney World again ….!

H A V E A G R E A T W E E K E N D !

Image Credit: Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Suddenly … Five Years

  1. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed following your progression! You have certainly earned your freedom, and few people are willing to take the road less traveled. You have accomplished an amazing freedom break and a well deserved congratulations. Have another MaCallan and travel well!!

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    1. Thanks, Thom – we’ve both done pretty well, haven’t we? I was one of McCallan’s best customers in 2016. I think I bought 3 bottles of the 18 and got another as a gift from my MegaCorp boss. Since then, I’ve mostly switched to Oban 14. We toured their little distillery in Scotland and I liked it. $65 vs $250 is better for a retired guy on a fixed income!


      1. It never hurts to be a little frugal, especially for quality! My brother-in-law drinks Oban. I’m more of a simple Kettle One and tonic guy, but I also love a really good craft beer (or two!) That’s where my a “fun money” goes these days! Although I also somehow stumbled into a way to make money on it too, with a small investment in our local brewery, which now covers all my fun (drinking) costs! 😉 Life is good! Cheers!🍺🥃

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      2. I’m originally from Wisconsin and still a Green Bay Packer fan. Beer is definitely my go-to beverage and will crack open a nice craft brew at kickoff of tomorrow’s Super Bowl. Should be a good match-up.


    1. Great news, Pauline! Very happy for you. We’ll have to catch up on a sunny day in April 🙂


  2. Congrats on 5 years! Although I’d always dreamed of early retirement, it was only in the past couple of years that I became aware of the FIRE movement and all the blogs that exist around it. It’s your blog where I finally felt like I’d found someone whose journey paralleled mine so well, and who shared many of my attitudes toward retirement living (e.g. no “lean” FIRE for me). In particular, your “FIRE Countdown & Milestones” was something I read multiple times as I prepared for my retirement date last year — it was great seeing how something that seems either so “smart or stupid” turned out so well for you!

    Although I’m only a few months into retirement, I can only hope my first 5 years are as fun and fulfilling and yours seem to have been. The pandemic has made it a slow start, but in a way it’s been a good detox from work and learning to be comfortable without those obligations, schedules, etc.

    Thanks for all your work on the blog, and here’s to the next 5 years!

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    1. Thanks for the nice words, Tivolo! Yes, the pandemic has made for a very curious time to retire. In many ways, it simplifies things because you weren’t caught up too much in the MegaCorp panic to figure out new ways to work. When people ask us how we are faring in the pandemic, I often say “we don’t have jobs or kids in school, so other than restaurants being shut down, things aren’t much different!”


  3. Congrats! Been an off and on again reader for awhile, just before 2015, and time does fly by. Still working and hoping to follow the same path later this year. Also since it is 1+ year from your health scare I hope all is well… That was a couple tough and sobering posts to read. 2020 was a rough year even outside of the pandemic, I ended up losing two “young” employees 36 and 50 to unexpected health issues and with your scenario fresh in my mind when the 1st passed, it solidify in my mind that time and good health does not wait! Best wishes on another 5 years!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike! Having good health seems pretty straightforward as you plan an early retirement, but it is sobering when something suddenly happens to you. So sorry to hear about your employees – that is really shocking. My Dad, who is almost 88, says “in retirement, your job is your health”. That’s a job we all need to get a good performance review for!


  4. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary after retirement! Outstanding planning, work and meeting those goals 😎

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