Christmas Shopping – Deck the Malls

This week – the second week of December – is a great time to start Christmas shopping, by my reckoning. We’ve nabbed a couple holiday deals since Black Friday, but I like to get out in the stores when everything is ‘on’. Lights on, music on, and sales on. It’s more fun to shop when the stores are decked out in all of their Christmas finery.

Yes, we do increasingly buy a lot of gifts online, but there is no joy in pointing and clicking. Our FIRE lifestyle allows us to hit the malls when others are working, so we can easily get there – enjoy a relaxed lunch – and head home before rush hour. On Tuesday, we are even going to sneak in an afternoon Christmas movie!

Last year, I published this Christmas Gift ‘Festive Framework’. It worked out really well as a shopping and giving guide. It can work for budgets of different sizes and ensures a variety of gifts, activities, treats, and experiences. Give it a go if you are looking for ideas …

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping – Deck the Malls

    1. We are having a beautiful snowfall this morning in Minnesota – makes the shopping day all the brighter!


  1. I have done nearly all my purchasing on-line this year. That said, we sat down with the calendar and scheduled Christmas activities throughout the month (lights, Christmas shows, musical performances). We’ve even planned a day of Christmas shopping and lunch out! Except that there is no stress in actually finding something! I see some eggnog cheesecake in my future! ~ Lynn

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    1. Hmm … Cheesecake! We’re so well organized with a calendar this year, but plenty of time to get everything in!


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