How Not To Quit Your Job – Christmas Lottery

Just last week I wrote about the Oklahoma Christmas Lottery and how life-changing the million dollar prize would be for most people. Then came the story of the Spanish news reporter – on the right in the photo above – who ‘won’ the $2.4 billion dollar lottery and quit her job LIVE on national TV.

Except the ‘Del Gordo’ prize revealed on Christmas Night was split thousands of ways. When she realized she had only won $4.4 thousand dollars, she was quite contrite. She went to a Twitter to apologize for her lack of professionalism and ‘made right’ with her TV station/employer.

The story reminded me when Jimmy Fallon ran a Twitter hashtag survey called #HowIQuitMyJob. The link to the funniest responses to the survey is below.

  • Have a GREAT weekend!

    Image Credit: Pixabay

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