Enjoying The Amazing View

I took this cool picture on a hike with my friend, Russ (also retired), last week in a nearby state park. We took a number of hikes over the last few weeks on day trips away from our metro area – grabbing lunch at little places we came across.

Former colleagues, we both recalled how busy MegaCorp used to be in December. As the last few weeks of the year wound down – and people prepared to take time off for the holidays – meetings would get ‘stacked’ back-to-back-to-back and deadlines would loom large.

Instead of shuffling through MegaCorp priorities, we spent last Monday climbing over ancient boulders and over twisted roots to discover this amazing view. We hiked along the St. Croix Scenic Waterway, explored a 25-foot half-frozen waterfall, and afterward enjoyed a soup/sandwich lunch combo, sitting next to a toasty fireplace in a small town sports bar.

No hurry, no worry.

It was just an ordinary day in early retirement, but such a change from our working days that I thought it worth sharing. If you are on your FIRE journey now, I want you to know how worthwhile the destination is. I want you to know that the sacrifices you are making now to save more, spend less, and plan effectively are SO worth it!

The New Year 2021 is just a few days away.

There’s no better time to redouble your FIRE focus!


Image Credit: Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Enjoying The Amazing View

  1. Aren’t those little day trip experiences the best?! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the big travel trips too, and miss those longer trips in this crazy COVID era we are all dealing with. But those less hectic little day excursions to state parks, local breweries, and awesome bike trails, which are filled with great little lunches with good people are the best. We have found so many awesome places within a couple of hours of our home, that we never knew existed during our working years. And the best part is the lazy, less hectic, “slow path” way that we approach those excursions. No set agendas, just exploring, and finding lunch or dinner at some small cafe or little brewery along the way. We’ve discovered so many gems over the past four years. The destination is so worth the effort. For those still struggling to FIRE, hang in there and keep up the good fight. The freedom and end result is definitely worth the struggle.

    Your picture is gorgeous. Glad you found your own little gem on the slow path of freedom!

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    1. Agree – I spent most of 2020 (since CV19) began – doing day trips around the state. I got to 19 state parks, 35+ waterfalls, and dozens and dozens of small towns. I have a list on my iPhone notes for 2021 ‘field trips’ when we get back in the spring from Florida. Almost 5 years into early retirement, we really have this lifestyle nailed! Happy New Year, Thom!


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