Something Fun To Come Home To …

We were at a wonderful garden party at our friend’s house recently. It was fantastic. The kind of elegant party you would see in a Southern Living or Sunset magazine spread. Great food set on lovely tables (with splendid linens) overlooking a lush backyard in summer’s full bloom.

In the backyard, I noticed the host’s collection of colorful bird houses that are photographed above. They were spaced out among the greenery & flowers. When I asked about them, I learned that he had made them himself as a way to celebrate their travels.

Each one was styled to represent somewhere that they had visited.

Now, making bird houses is a classic retirement activity, but I loved that he had put such a wonderful theme to them. Trips to Amsterdam, Italy, Switzerland, Barcelona, France, and England are all represented by the ones I snapped above.

He said he takes pictures of buildings as they travel and he starts work on the bird houses after they get home. It’s a wonderful way to mark each trip and he spends usually more than 20 hours designing and building each one. What a fun ‘extension’ to their travels!

Other than pictures, do you do anything special to mark memorable trips that you’ve taken?

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2 thoughts on “Something Fun To Come Home To …

  1. We usually look for a Christmas ornament wherever we go and then when we decorate our tree, we’re reminded we went to Seattle in 2020 or Alaska in 2005 or Japan in 2009.
    We’ve been doing this since we got married (1995) so we have a lot of ornaments, but we have a lot of fun remembering all our trips.

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    1. Christmas ornaments are great travel ‘collectibles’. We have also bought them on quite a few trips – and never yet broken one bringing them back home!


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