Thrifty Thursday – Best Times Of The Year To Travel


I recently wrote about our travel plans in early retirement and the advantages of traveling off-season.  A friend of mine said that the three best times to travel were in January/February, May, and September.  This is when rates may be as much as 20-30% cheaper than the times when most people can fit in trips between work & school schedules.

I thought it was good advice and it certainly proves out when you look at this chart from which Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – Best Times Of The Year To Travel”

Reminiscing On The Water

We are at sea today on our summer vacation cruise of Scandinavia. Yesterday we were in Copenhagen, and today we are sailing toward Tallinn, Estonia.  We are on a Royal Caribbean ship, although we have cruised on different ones in the past.  As we were pulling out of the harbor yesterday, there were several other cruise ships also departing, including ships from MSC, Holland America, … Continue reading Reminiscing On The Water