Staying In The Pocket

The headlines are full of celebrities & athletes who blow through their millions and often end up broke. They live an indulgent & colorful lifestyle that quickly catches up with them. That’s why it’s great to see a colorful character like Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who managed to save 80% of his NFL career earnings. To save money he even lived at the Cincinnati Bengals’ stadium … Continue reading Staying In The Pocket

Biggest Investment Ever

I just made my silliest investment ever. No, it’s not more cryptocurrency. I’m now a bona fide shareholder of the Green Bay Packers Professional Football Club. The Packers opened the sixth public stock offering in their franchise history earlier this week with 300,000 shares available at $300 per share. The $90 million raised will fund improvements at Lambeau Field in the heart of Titletown. The … Continue reading Biggest Investment Ever

A Tale Of Two Running Backs

Add the name of NFL running back Adrian Peterson to the list of celebrities that can’t seem to figure out how to manage his prodigious wealth.  Despite earning over $100 million dollars in his career, Peterson is apparently so broke that he cannot pay back millions in dollars of  loans he took.  In news reports they wrote it up as another case of an athlete who … Continue reading A Tale Of Two Running Backs

Super Bowl Indulgence & Everyday Frugality

We made it to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis yesterday and the experience was absolutely electric. Having the NFL’s biggest event hosted in your own hometown is an incredible experience and we enjoyed all of the week’s activities – concerts, exhibits, celebrity sightings, and the big game itself (which USA Today is calling the best Super Bowl ever!). If you are a sports fan, this … Continue reading Super Bowl Indulgence & Everyday Frugality

Would You Vacation At The Super Bowl?

This weekend, the final four NFL teams will face off to see who will meet in Super Bowl LII. Despite the decline in TV ratings – which experts attribute more to key markets shifting with team fortunes than perceived lack of patriotism – the Super Bowl remains the most visible & celebrated sporting event of the year. We live in Minnesota’s Twin Cities of Minneapolis … Continue reading Would You Vacation At The Super Bowl?