One More State Visit – Closing In On Fifty

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This Labor Day weekend, we are taking an unusual road trip.  We are planning to drive more than a half day out to Omaha, Nebraska, simply because it is one of the remaining three states I need to have reached all fifty.  I wrote about my overall quest a few months ago in my “Visit All Fifty States Quest”.

No one in our family would put Omaha on the top of list of exciting vacation destinations (sorry, folks from Nebraska).  But, like a trip we took to North Dakota a few years ago, I’m sure this trip will have  lot of unexpected fun and memorable learning about a state we know very little about.

We’ll be leaving on Saturday morning and coming back on Monday afternoon/evening.  Some of the sights look like the Henry Doorly Zoo, the Old Market Area, and the Durham Museum (in old Union Station).  I’m sure we’ll also come back with some definite opinions about the state – currently none of us seem to really know anything about the state, except that Warren Buffett lives there.

This will move my U.S. states visited list up to 48.  My goal was to get to all “50 by 50”, but I’m 49 and starting to run out of time to hit the last year before my birthday in April next year.  The other two I need to visit are Wyoming & Idaho, so I’m trying to think about when I might be able to get to Yellowstone National Park.  Perhaps I could interpret “50 by 50” to mean I reached all of the states before I turned 51.  That would give me almost my whole first year of early retirement to complete the challenge.

Image Credit:  Pixabay

3 thoughts on “One More State Visit – Closing In On Fifty

  1. Hope you’ve had a nice trip to Nebraska! Wyoming and Idaho have a lot to offer, so I’d recommend not rushing those in a long weekend — give yourselves a little more time to enjoy Yellowstone, the Tetons, and the Sawtooth Mountains. Definitely worth the trip!


    1. A long weekend was perfect for Omaha, but we will definitely spend more time on Wyoming & Idaho. Fortunately, next year our lifestyle won’t be ruled by work & son’s school schedule. 😃

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