FIRE Station Fun – Retirement Road Trip

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Just 40 days left to April Fool’s Day and the start of our early retirement.  Between now and then I also have a business trip and a week’s spring break in Florida.  That being the case, I probably have only about 20 days to come to the office and earn my keep.

Travel will be a big part of our plans this year – we have firm plans to add to our Fill-The-Bucket List and glide into the road trip of retirement.

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7 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Retirement Road Trip

    1. No – my wife and I are both 49. Goal was to retire by 50. Could have done it at 46, but our son is in high school (finishing this year) and I didn’t exactly want to be the goof off dad while he was still home.

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      1. We’ve never had an RV. I’m not sure if that’s for us. I’d like to rent one – we picked up some information recently.

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