FIRE Station Fun – Frivolous Travel

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We are on the last day of spring break and enjoying beautiful 80-degree days in sunny Florida, while our home in Minnesota got hit hard with almost a foot of snow (Minne-snow-da).  One of my brothers posted a picture of his long driveway freshly plowed after 11” of snow!

It’s more than escaping the cold for warm weather that makes us love travel.  It’s a chance to learn about different parts of the world, inspire our creative spirits, and shape our world view.  As I tell people, it’s a great big interesting world and early retirement buys us a front-seat row, with a blessing of time to experience it in-depth!

Here is a link to an article I wrote about last year’s travels … “Fill Your Bucket List”.

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5 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Frivolous Travel

  1. Hanging on with the 9 to 5 myself, not sure how much more I can take. Someday I will be counting the days until retirement, but not quite yet. Congrats on 6 days to go! Hope it is everything you expected and more


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