FIRE Station Fun – Bridge To The Future


I picked today’s quote – not because I am a big fan of budgeting – but because I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey.  I wrote about my reluctance to spend my time budgeting a few weeks ago, but I realize it is an important bridge to financial independence for many people.

These are the folks that Dave Ramsey focuses on in his daily three hour radio broadcast (podcast also available daily).  Many of the callers are just beginning their journey out of debt and budgeting is a key tool for them to take control of their finances.  While I consider myself pretty on top of my finances, I still enjoy listening to the show and the simple, spot-on advice that Dave gives out.

The Ramsey show has partly inspired others to put on debt & saving workshops, like Brian at  Like Dave Ramsey, he shares his plans for digging his way out of a six-figure hole of debt.  No matter where you are on your financial journey, I find it motivating to listen to others get the help they need.  Even if it is just budgeting help!

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7 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Bridge To The Future

  1. Ramsey was one of the first resources I found when we began to get organized with our money. I found other people’s stories on his show and “debt free” screams to be so motivating. It was an honor to speak with Dave and tell him about our journey and perform our our debt free scream. I hope it motivated someone else listening.


  2. Man, I’m such a budget fanatic. It’s gotten to the point where I have it in my memory how much I’m allotted to spend on a grocery trip, how much I can spend per week going out, and how much my electricity bill is going to be. I get excited when I underspend for the week, which is most weeks these days!

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    1. Wow – that’s quite the memory. I find to much ‘bounce’ I the numbers each week to easily keep track, but it sounds like you got a system that keeps you on track!


  3. This is a pretty cool quote! As for the budgeting, we technically don’t really need it anymore (it goes automatically these days), but the investment overview is on that is critical for us. However, we have both and I still enjoy doing them.


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