FIRE Station Fun – Dream Locamotion


I have a few friends that have shared that they are now getting close to giving their formal notice or are turning the corner on their last year of work.  The journey to financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) seems like a challenge oftentimes, but each day you push through, each paycheck you invest, and each luxury you forgo pulls you closer to the day of your FIRE escape.

I had lunch with one friend who is less than two years out and I suggested he should set an exact date now that will be his last day of work.  I wrote about this last year as part of my milestones series and look back on the day I set my final day of work as a the ‘beginning of the end’ of a long career.  Having a date – even if it is a few years out – starts your final countdown and really makes it feel real.

Like a locamotive – keep pulling toward your goals!

Image Credit: Pixabay



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