FIRE Station Fun – Cleaning Stuff Up

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There is probably no one more quotable when it comes to personal finance and lifestyle advice than Ben Franklin.  A prolific quipster, his proverbs on money and our relationship with it are short, snappy, and typically spot-on.  Much of our cultural ethos on work and money come from Ben’s writings in his Poor Richard’s Almanac.   It is a book I think I will add to my recommended book list!

A year ago, fresh into early retirement, I was prompted by my friend Maggie to write and implement a 30-Day Decluttering Challenge.  It was a great way to kick-off early retirement and became a bit of an obsession for me.  Here are the posts that tell the story:

Looking back almost a year later, I have more decluttering to take on, but have continued to ‘spot declutter’ as I’ve gone through the year.  Ben Franklin was right – there is something soul-satisfying that makes decluttering a happy process!

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5 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Cleaning Stuff Up

  1. I do find pleasure in getting rid of stuff that I no longer use. It is a rush to list it on ebay and watch people bit on it. It helps to remind me to buy what I need and what I truly want.

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    1. I don’t sell a lot of our clutter – unless I think the item might have a value of more than $50 or so. When we can be thoughtful enough about special things, I like getting them items into the hands of people who will really appreciate them. Mostly, we send things off to the Goodwill store.


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