“Every Day This Man Takes A Vacation”

After two posts this month assessing the tremendous cost of cars, their depreciating value, and ongoing repairs, I thought I would give partial time to acknowledging the incredible fun of cars.  After all, while the financials are negative, they do provide many, many intangible benefits that help make life a joy.

Similar to cabin/cottage life, world travel, or owning a speedboat, driving a cool car is an expensive, but fulfilling hobby that adds a lot to life.  We’ve had two sports cars over the last seven summers and they have become much more than just transportation.

Our roadster has taken us to unforgettable places in unforgettable style – small town bed & breakfasts, country wineries, distant pizza barns, autumn orchards, and scenic vistas.  In addition, it gotten us involved in a lot of activities – car shows, timed road rallies, weekend cruises, and even performance-driving closed track events.   We’ve met a lot of people along the way and deepened existing friendships.

With a car like this, even a quick shot up to the hardware store is entertaining.  The experience is just as described in an old Corvette print ad – the headline reads “Twice A Day This Man Takes A Vacation.”

While it essential to save money to reach FIRE (financial independence & retiring early), it is also important to ensure you find things that enhance your life and unlock a sense of adventure.  That’s why this car is my guilty pleasure!

What’s your splurge for FIRE – however expensive (or not)?

Image Credit: MrFireStation.com, All Rights Reserved

15 thoughts on ““Every Day This Man Takes A Vacation”

  1. Hooray! Nice seeing you two splurging on yourself. After your last car post, I was afraid you were going to say you decided “no more sports cars” for you. It would have been very uncomfortable for me to have had to fly to MSP, invite you out for a beer and then smack you around in front of eveyone, screaming “live a little for crying out loud!”

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    1. Thanks, Michael – It’s good to know you will be there for an Austerity intervention if one is ever needed! 🙂


    1. I have a good friend who is close to early retirement who just bought a brand-new Corvette Grand Sport. It is easier to explain that kind of purchase to your wife while you are still working!


  2. Before we retired, we bought hubs a Corvette. It (and Covette club events) has been the source of many long-lasting friendships in our lives. Now I drive a Cadillac STS (the closest thing you can get to a four-door Corvette) – Every time I drive it, it hands me my steering wheel and gives me a hug – just bliss!

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  3. I agree! In my case I bought a tiny six year old Infiniti EX35 with only 26,000 miles on it for less than the cost of a new economy car. It has a 350 ZX 300 HP engine in it and goes 140 mph and corners like it has glue on the tires. With only me and my wife with our own well used conservative vehicles this is our third car, our fun road tripper! We have more investments than we need and could afford a couple of Ferrari’s if we wanted them but this was inexpensive and is plenty fun!

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    1. Wow – that sounds like a great sports sedan. I chased a red Infinity GX35 for almost 300 miles this summer on a five hour charity road rally. We started right next to each other and finished 9 seconds apart!


      1. I don’t think we could keep up with that ride of yours but I make about one two hundred mile round trip every week or two for a side gig and it is soooo much more fun in the Infiniti than it was in my 4Runner!

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      2. I bet! We are enjoying an Indian Summer in MN. Been out for a fall colors cruise each of the last three days. Where should we go tomorrow?!


  4. Beautiful pic of the car. While I’m generally sensible, frugal, and value oriented with most things, I also think there is room for some splurges in life along the way. Kinda like a guy who always wanted a nice Harley Davidson motorcycle. I say go for it. I don’t use this as an excuse to spend, but the flip side is you can’t take the money with you either.

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