Double Nickel Discount

I turned 55 last week and to celebrate the milestone, my friend treated me to my first Senior Discounted meal at breakfast. We went to Denny’s and my 55+ eggs, pancakes, and extra crispy bacon (burn the hell out of them!) cost $8.49.

That’s a savings of $1.00 even, or 16% off the regular menu. I guess that’s worth it, although Im not a big fan of the artificial maple syrup. He turns 55 next month, so I’ll have the chance to repay the favor – probably at IHOP.

I’m not sure how many restaurants and other businesses have the Senior discount as soon as age 55, but I guess I’ll be on the hunt to find them. As a retired, fixed-income pensioner it will be good sport, right? 😉

If I had joined AARP when I first turned 50, maybe I would have gotten deep into a bunch of other discounts too. I wasn’t too interested in that at the time. Now after 5 years of early retirement, maybe my time has come!

Where do you find good Senior discounts offered? Can I get them at 55?

Have A Great Weekend!

6 thoughts on “Double Nickel Discount

  1. Welcome to the over 55 club! I’m coming up on 56 this year. (They seem to be coming faster and faster! I’d hoped they would slow down after leaving the rat race! But alas…at least they are a lot more fun now!😜) I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed any over-55 discounts so far, but I may give it a try it!

    Happy belated Birthday!


  2. I was at a Columbia outlet store and asked if they had a seniors discount and they do – 10%. Same for Sketchers (shoes). I asked and they also had 10% discount. I think a lot of places don’t advertise it, but if you ask, they do offer senior discounts. The sad thing is they didn’t ask to see my ID!!!

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    1. Good to know! Here’s what their website says – only the first Tuesday of the month: “20% offer is available to seniors age 55+ in the U.S. and Canada on the first Tuesday of each month. No coupon necessary for redemption. Inquire prior to payment. Ask store associate to redeem. Subject to change. See store for details.”

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