FIRE Station Fun – Life’s Devil’s Triangle

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My son passed along an observation that is set up in a ‘Devil’s Triangle’ fashion …

  • When you are a kid, you have time & energy – but no money
  • When you are an adult, you have money & energy – but no time
  • When you are retired, you have money & time – but no energy

The only solution for this is early retirement, isn’t it?  To be a disciplined saver or frugal spender and reach financial independence & retire early.  See this POST to find out what I am planning on doing with my time, energy & money in early retirement.

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2 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Life’s Devil’s Triangle

  1. My husband and I are never bored. If there is any unscheduled time, we love to read, plan future trips, visit friends, etc. We also retired early (not as early as you, though) and have plenty of energy. Not that mid-day naps aren’t enjoyable too.

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    1. Even if the days slow down, it won’t be worse than the boredom of budget meetings & sales forecasting at MegaCorp. The naps sound great!

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