FIRE Station Fun – Taking Life’s Risks

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I often tell people that my decision to retire before I turned 50 is either the smartest or stupidest decision I ever made.  I am not sure which it is yet.  The fact is, there often is a razor thin line between absolute brilliance and utter foolishness.  Only time will tell which side of the line you are falling on and by then it is too late.

Muhammad Ali, who passed away last Saturday played the line of risk like a champion.  He faced big, visible challenges in and out of the ring. While many thought his  decisions seemed foolish, he had the courage to play life his own way and more often than not managed to shine with real brilliance.

So far I am 1000% happy with the decision I’ve made.  There is a lot happening in our lives right now and it is great to enjoy the summer without obligations.  Maybe when we get to the cold of winter (if we’re not snowbirding) I will be deeply depressed with a severe bout of cabin fever.  We’ll see!

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14 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Taking Life’s Risks

  1. Great thoughts for a Friday as I head to empty out my office! “absolute brilliance and utter foolishness” – AH… that is how I am feeling right now, glad you threw in the 1000% happy as it has not been a week of very restful sleep… Looking forward to a Friday night beverage (well…or two) to celebrate though!
    Happy Weekend and love the quote. He was a champ for sure!

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    1. Shoveling driveways is a high demand, but low pay job in MN. But it will keep you in great shape! 🙂


  2. i’ve been suffering from “comparison inferiority” lately – comparing myself to others and coming up short. I think this quote, plus a life-list thinking spurred on by Janis over at Retirementallychallenged has helped me. Everyone probably has made choices/taken risks in their life, resulting in outcomes. We need to view the outcomes of those choices as our own accomplishments. Even the littlest of risks (trying a new food), can result in a feeling of accomplishment, if you view it that way. Even if you decide in 2 years to go back to work full-time, your “risk” at this moment will have many “accomplishments” paired with it. Foolish – never. Brilliant – maybe!


    1. Yes – I saw your post on that. Certainly social media increases the comparison mentality that you are talking about. Blogs are kind of an extension of social media, but we all have to find our own path in life – not just match what other people are doing.


  3. Ha ha, love it: “the razor thin line between absolute brilliance and utter foolishness”.
    It’s all relative though. Utter foolishness could be seen as sticking with the corporate career and not having the guts to try a different path
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. That’s right … It’s all a matter of perspective. Every decision comes with an opportunity cost.


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