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When people have asked “What are you going to do in early retirement?” – I’ve often answered that it is a great big wonderful world filled with things I am interested in learning about and trying.  We are just back from our summer vacation to Tokyo & Kyoto and I am amazed at how much of the world we know so little about.  There is so much to discover!

Here is a link to my ‘Milestone’ post from March where I talked about all of the things I’m hoping to do in early retirement – and an update two months later on how things are going.  As you will see, I have found a lot of things that I view as ‘better to do’ in early retirement than go to work every day.  Here’s hoping your journey to financial independence & retiring early (FIRE) ends up just as rewarding!

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12 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Big Wonderful World

  1. On a certain level, I don’t mind working. The problem is it ultimately takes too much time and energy away from all the others things in life that you want to do.

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    1. My weak spot is reading books right now. I have a whole stack of them I’d like to start, but haven’t made time for a single one!

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  2. With all the things I’ve been putting off until early retirement, I expect I’ll be busier than ever once I actually have the time to do those things.

    How did you like Japan? I was there once, and left with mixed reviews. The best part was feeling really, really tall everywhere I went.



    1. Japan was fantastic. I’m 6’2″ – so definitely a big guy over there. I’ve truthfully been SO busy in early retirement, I definitely have been busier than when I was working. The math doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

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  3. Have you finished to read Shogun?
    Try another Japanese book, Musashi ( and after that, Taiko). For me was better than Shogun ( even I appreciated James Clavel). After reading the book, I saw the movie Musashi.

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