FIRE Station Fun – Winning Attitude


We are heading to Green Bay to see a Packer game this weekend and spend a few nights in Wisconsin’s Door County.  In preparation, I’ve been reading a book about Packer great Bart Starr and the glory days of the team in the 1960s.  Coach Vince Lombardi led the team to five NFL championships in seven years and was famous for his quote on winning being ‘the only thing.”

While many interpret Lombardi’s saying as a ‘win at all costs’ philosophy – which can seem a bit extreme – his players often noted that his comment connoted winning as a mindset, not an outcome.  That is, having a focused, winning attitude is the key to success. 

I think there is a lot of truth in that expression of the statement.  Few people reach their life goals without having a positive, ambitious mindset to realize them.  They truly believe – sometimes against all odds – that they will succeed, and they do.


When I was working, I kept the Edgar Guest poem, It Couldn’t Be Done, in my office to remind me of the power of a winning attitude in reaching your goals.  For me, the ultimate goal was reaching financial independence and retiring early (FIRE).  While we didn’t pursue FIRE at all costs – as they only thing – we did reach our goal by having a winning mindset and focusing intently on our plan to succeed.  How intense is your winning attitude toward reaching FIRE?

Image Credit: Vintage Postcard

6 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Winning Attitude

  1. Lambeau field! Enjoy the game. I wish my Giants would have played better there last week. Having a winning/positive attitude certainly helps you achieve your goals. It’s something I remind my children give good effort and be consistent no matter what you do, Others will recognize it.

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  2. Go packers! (I’m not really a big football fan, but I do know the packers exist because of How I Met Your Mother and my friend showing me a cheese head to wear). You’re going to have a lot of fun watching the game!

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    1. Greatest football town in the NFL. Really amazing to see this little city compete in the big-time world of professional sports!


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