From The Office Door To Door County


My former boss at MegaCorp announced his pending retirement last week.  It was big news with a number of people calling me and telling me about it from the office.  He was immediately moved out of his role and put into ‘special projects’ until his final day on April Fool’s 2017.  It’s exactly one year from when I departed, although I didn’t come close to matching his 37 years with the company.

I chatted with him on the phone, wished him well, and invited him out to enjoy some McCallan – his favorite scotch.  He sounded very happy and was adjusting to having handed his immediate responsibilities to his successor.  I told him he didn’t need to get to the office at 7am anymore – or stay after 6pm, which was his custom.  He has done that for so many years, I’m sure it has to be quite a change for him!

I mentioned the conversation to my wife today when we were near the waterfront in Door County, Wisconsin.  Door County is the beautiful peninsula of Wisconsin that reaches out into Lake Michigan.  Like Martha’s Vineyard or Napa Valley – Door County is filled with quaint little towns, wineries, and spectacular views – especially with the fall foliage reaching it’s peak.

We had lunch in an old brick fire station (very appropriate for this website!) that has been converted into a brew pub.  While I only quit working a little more than six months ago, I surprised myself by saying that I can hardly remember what is was like to walk in the office door anymore.

I then thought about my old boss, who was presumably still at the office today (a Monday), and commented that I was now shocked by the thought of going to the office on such a beautiful autumn day.  My wife said “Yes, it’s always great to be on vacation.”  “Permanent vacation …” I added, happily.

When you are counting down the days to reaching your own financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), it can seem like the days drag on.  All I can say is there is a wonderful place waiting for you on the other side of all of that hard work.  For me, it looks a lot like Door County on a sunny October day.  Enjoy the journey to FIRE – it’s worth it!

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18 thoughts on “From The Office Door To Door County

  1. Yes, quite a journey. I wonder if your old boss saw what retirement life was like for you and finally realized he wanted it himself? It’s never too late for a wake-up call.

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    1. I wish I could say so, but it was on his mind long before we worked together. We both talked about our plans the first time we met.


  2. Door County sounds like a beautiful place. I wonder too if you weren’t a bit of inspiration for your old boss. I’m sure over the next few weeks he’ll be asking himself why he didn’t do this sooner. Better late than never. 🙂

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    1. I agree that once you retire, you wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Freedom is a wonderful thing!


  3. I could imagine the habits of a long and successful career for your old boss will be hard to break. I doubt he will mail it in or even want to. It sounds like the gentle moving aside onto special projects may be good for him and force him to wind down a bit rather than be kept “wound up”.

    For me, the days at work feel quite long on occasion and our date is not until the summer of 2018. Although I can tell you my wife and I have talked about once less year a lot recently. Summer 2017 is on the table for sure….

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    1. I found that once you are in within one year of your date, things move pretty quickly. You start noticing the last ‘anniversary’ of things in the office. Your last performance review, your last time to go thru a budget cycle, and even your last United Way campaign in the fall. There is a seasonality to work that helps you wind down the last 12 months.


  4. Marveling at the fall colors; they rival your website backdrop!

    Did they actually let you into Door County without an Illinois license plate? Did you partake in a fish boil? Not that I would argue with the brew pub. Glad to hear you’re adjusting to your new life just fine. Hoping your boss does the same.


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    1. We have MN plates – fortunately they are playing the Bears this week, not the Vikings. The fish boil looks a little iffy. Boiled white fish?


  5. I’d love to be on permanent vacation too. 🙂

    Breaking away from routines that you have been used to for many years can be tough. When I started working full time after university, when school started in September I experience a brief moment of missing out/shock/surprise/uncertainly. For so many years September meant going back to school. It was weird not to be doing that for the very first time. I’m sure retirement is similar, especially if you have been working for many many years.


    1. Your shock was probably from joining the work-a-day world! Leaving the workplace has been quite a bit different for me. Very relaxing. If you have financial independence, then you can focus on the lifestyle change which is pretty easy to adjust to.


  6. Next fall we hope to be doing exactly what you are doing! My perfect day would be to be in a place like Door County at a brewery or winery enjoying a beautiful autumn day! I could have done it today too here in upstate NY. My temporary job is winding down. Putting the funds toward a camper to travel in next fall (that’s the only way I could handle going in to work today!)

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    1. Lots of campers on the roads in Door County this week. The colors must be at their absolute peak right now. Upstate NY has to also be beautiful. I’d like to go to Cooperstown in the fall.

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  7. Love the pictures and the idea of going to a brewpub on a beautiful fall day. I hope your boss will see that there is more to life than spending all those long days in the office. Before my layoff, I remember going into work on some nice days wishing I didnt have to be cooped up inside all day. Sometimes I would think about going outside for a break, getting in my car, riding off and not coming back! 😉

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    1. The boss is one who definitely knows how to enjoy life, despite his longstanding commitment to MegaCorp. He’ll do great. You are right that it is hard to go into work on a beautiful day, isn’t it? I mentioned to my wife that the weather has been beautiful this year, only to realize that it was because I ‘lost’ so much good weather to work in the past. Now I’m enjoying it all.


  8. It all looks GLORIOUS! Someday… we’ll get there someday… and NOT in 37 years! Congrats to your boss and congrats to you for starting a trend around the office!


    1. The fall colors were glorious! I’m a fifth generation Wisconsinite, but had never been to Door County myself. Three nights was a perfect stay. We took our SUV, not the convertible. The trunk is too small in the convertible to hold too much.


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