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For many people, travel is one of the KEY reasons they pursue early retirement. This article from CNBC shows it as the top thing people look forward to in retirement.

I’ve been talking a lot to people about their post-FIRE travel plans and all of the interesting places they have gone and hope to go to.  One friend has a terrific trip to Europe planned at Christmas-time.  Another told me about an awesome expedition up to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Another has plans to go on a terrific safari in Africa, where you sleep in tents above the wild plains.

We too, are looking forward to some trips.  We have a travel framework that we created to guide our plans and have already enjoyed a sunny spring break (with no email!),  a highly educational trip to Japan (relaxing to plan when you’re not working), and a long weekend in Door County, Wisconsin.  Next up is a weekend in Sonoma County with some friends.

Comment on what adventures you have on your FIRE escape list?

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9 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Travel Experiences

  1. Next fall our hope is to head out west and see Yellowstone and a bunch of places along the way! After dropping off the youngest at college, we’ll head west before it gets too cold – but after the busy summer season! We talk about it every week! A lot to do before then, but looking forward to it!

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    1. California really is a treasure of places to visit. So much to do and see whether it is outside adventures or a more cultural trip. And, good beach weather!


  2. I would love to go back to Japan and Europe (specifically England, France, and Italy). My husband and I went to Japan on our honeymoon and I was in Europe for my MBA. I’d love to go back to both places with our three boys this time.

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    1. It’s fun to travel with your kids. We have one son – who is now in college – but we have been traveling internationally with him since he was in kindergarten.


  3. We are planning a 9 week road trip in Q2 2018, right before the mandatory education starts for Miss CF. Planning to go to southern Europe (Italy, France, Spain and Portugal), perhaps with a side trip to Croatia. Got our bosses already aligned to agree on paid/unpaid time off.
    Seems you have been doing pretty good this year too! How about the next?

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    1. Wow! A nine week road trip seems like an amazing adventure. We’ve never thought about a trip that is that long. We haven’t yet planned our ‘big’ trip for next year, but am starting to think about options.


      1. The US is an amazing place for road trips, we did several and all were around 3 to 4 weeks long. It’s always been amazing and great fun, and it never gets old. Have fun planning!

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