Where Does The Time Go?

We’ve been retired for over 4.5 years now and I find myself surprised that it has been that long. People still say I seem too young to be retired, but when you consider it’s almost been 50 months since I went to work at MegaCorp … it feels ridiculous.

Where has all the time gone?

I find myself really unable to account for the last 4.5 years in a succinct way when people ask “what have you been doing?” It’s hard to think of or track. Other than reciting some of the far-flung places we’ve traveled to (trips to Tokyo, Jerusalem, Edinburgh, Venice, San Francisco, Miami, and New Orleans), I usually just say I’ve been “goofing off”.

4.5 years of retirement particularly feels like a lot when I compare it to family, friends, or MegaCorp colleagues who are still working everyday. I don’t know anyone else who also ‘pulled the trigger’ so early.

I’m ‘baby brother’ of 4 in our family and 6.5 years younger than my oldest brother. He’s got a great job he enjoys a lot, but add the time I’ve already been retired and our age difference and that means he’s already worked 11 years longer than I have.

While I can’t easily tell you what I have/will be using that 11 years for, I’m committed to making the most of it and not just whiling away my time daydreaming in a hammock.

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If anything, my early exit from work has been a call-to-action to make the most of my early retirement with a lot of fun, learning, adventures, and volunteer activities. I share a lot of “Life After FIRE’ stories here and in social media so people get a sense of what they are working for and so they won’t think retirement is “boring”.

How do you track / think of your ‘years in retirement’?

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5 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go?

  1. Chief, I think “goofing off” is the best answer! But you can certainly “measure” your days in posts on this site alone. My retirement coincided with births of four grandkids — so far. I’m living the dream!

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    1. 648 posts since early 2015. Wow – I hadn’t even looked at that number before. I should have put them together in a book by now!


    2. We’re a few years from grandkids for sure, but they will be a welcome chapter when they arrive some day, I’m sure!


  2. I have the same issue…Where has the time gone?! My wife and I joke all the time about trying to slow down time. I actually thought it might, when I retired 3.5 years ago. Boy was I ever wrong! But I have loved every minute of my freedom. Like you, I too am the youngest of four. I am nine years younger than my oldest brother, and he too is sadly still working (and not because he loves it either). We had our first grand child this year, so things have gotten even faster lately, but we love it. We can’t wait for more! We baby sit often…because we can. I can’t imagine not having this special time. We are fortunate beyond most imaginations. Enjoy it.

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    1. My wife always says ‘the days/weeks go slow, the months/years go fast’. I think that is true. I’m sure having a grandchild is like being in a different world all together. That’s that I like about the idea of a long retirement – different chapters with different areas of focus. Congrats!


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