First Day at GigaCorp

Yesterday would have been my 33rd Anniversary of working, if I hadn’t pulled the plug on MegaCorp 6 years ago. I first worked downtown Minneapolis for The Pillsbury Company. Monday, August 14, 1989 is an important date that I will always remember. Today, August 15th, my son is having a milestone date, too. He’s starting a new job with the second-largest company in the world, … Continue reading First Day at GigaCorp

Pandemic Impact on Early Retirement

It’s hard to believe that we are well into Year 3 of the CV19 pandemic. While cases & fatalities are about the same as this time last year, the lead headlines have moved onto the economy – particularly inflation and unemployment. The jobs situation is a bit of a question mark to me. The unemployment rate is very low, mostly as a function of less … Continue reading Pandemic Impact on Early Retirement

Something Fun To Come Home To …

We were at a wonderful garden party at our friend’s house recently. It was fantastic. The kind of elegant party you would see in a Southern Living or Sunset magazine spread. Great food set on lovely tables (with splendid linens) overlooking a lush backyard in summer’s full bloom. In the backyard, I noticed the host’s collection of colorful bird houses that are photographed above. They … Continue reading Something Fun To Come Home To …

Summer Repair Season

We’re having a successful ‘repair season’ this Summer in terms of productivity & financial standing. In Minnesota, a year’s worth of exterior home repairs gets shoehorned into the 6 months from May through October to take advantage of the good weather. Right now our neighborhood is awash in a wave of roofers, siding companies, concrete sealers, landscapers, and painters. Salesmen – often the owners of … Continue reading Summer Repair Season