Batter Up!

You’d have to work to be bored in early retirement – there are always interesting things to do.  This summer we’ve gone on some great trips (Los Angeles & Michigan), attended a big outdoor music festival, served as event chairs for our Zoo’s summer fundraising bash, and spun our sports car through a couple of great driving events. In between the ‘big events’ it’s been … Continue reading Batter Up!

Professional Consulting Networks

We came home from a trip last week Wednesday, our third of the year, and the next morning I did a consulting call from this unique bench in a park near a shopping center where I had stopped.  It’s a picturesque perch on a man-made lake with beautiful flowers and walking paths.  This shady spot is so different than any ‘office’ I had ever worked in. … Continue reading Professional Consulting Networks

Mindless Money Advice

It’s shocking to me how inane many personal finance articles are. I understand that handling one’s finances can be a complex topic, but so many articles are just simplistic click-bait. This recent article from The Motley Fool is a perfect example. The headline teases ‘Three Secrets To Retire Rich”. That sounds like a pretty compelling article, but when you click on it you find it … Continue reading Mindless Money Advice

Millennials: How Are They Doing?

I’m always interested in seeing how Millennials are doing since my son is that age and their money habits will play a big role in determining the health of the economy over the coming decades.  Most of the financial press likes to focus on them as a group with poor money habits or as victims of the student loan crisis, but I’ve never found either … Continue reading Millennials: How Are They Doing?