Save For Retirement Before College?

One of the many ‘rules’ most financial experts advise is saving for your own retirement before saving for your kids’ post-secondary education.  The idea is like when you are on a plane – you should put on your own oxygen mask before helping your little ones with theirs.  The curiously paradoxical thing about this financial advice is that no one I have ever met seems … Continue reading Save For Retirement Before College?

FIRE Station Fun – Back To Campus

We dropped our son off at college yesterday to start his sophomore year.  Naturally, I am reflective this morning about him and his adventures.   He really had a productive summer.  He worked part-time at a retail store and took three summer classes to get ahead on his Bachelor’s degree.  My wife an I were astounded at how responsible he is.  We met when we were … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Back To Campus

Retire Before Children Head Off To College?

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Well, it looks like “the Boy” – our seventeen year-old son is set for where he wants to go to college. I’ve written before on the cost of college, but wanted to share a little bit about how we have saved & planned for his matriculation into post-secondary education. Many people can’t conceive of retiring before your kids are done with college, but I feel confident that we are well set in that department.  How did we do it? Continue reading “Retire Before Children Head Off To College?”