MrFireStation’s Top 10 Posts in 2020

It’s always interesting to see what articles people responded most to at the end of the year. Some posts connect with current events, some were linked to by bigger websites, and some are perennial favorites. have several thousand hits.

Top 2020 posts …

1. Time To Put Off Retirement? – This early-pandemic post (April 2020) pondered if it was a still a good time to early retirement. For what it’s worth now, I thought it was still worth pulling the trigger.

2. Daily Schedule In Early Retirement – This 2018 post always gets a lot of attention. I guess people just want to know what early retirees do all day. My schedule hasn’t changed much since I wrote it.

3. James Bond Donated His Salary To Charity – This article from back in 2016 made a comeback this year after Sean Connery passed away. He seems like he was a good guy and was very dedicated to giving back.

4. Financial Analysis – Trading Up Houses – I did a series of posts on how many years of extra work purchases would cost you. Trading up to a bigger home came out much better than the others (fancy car, big wedding, etc).

5. 7 Ways to Countdown to Early Retirement – This is another perennial favorite post. I was still working – and a full year from FIRE when I wrote it. Some of the suggestions were inside jokes to my MegaCorp friends!

6. Welcome Neighbors! – Our Journey To FIRE – This post is a summary of our whole FIRE journey and often the first that people read when they come to this site.

7. The Big One … Almost – This post focused on my sudden heart attack twelve months ago. The good news is I’ve made a pretty complete recovery and haven’t had any additional issues.

8. Lucky Inflection Point? – When the pandemic hit, MegaCorp – a food company – unexpectedly benefited. I made my move of the decade and cashed in during the markets troubled time.

9. A ‘Much Too Early’ Prediction … – 10 days after my ‘Lucky Inflection Point’ I thought I saw signs that the market had bottomed out. I doubled down and pegged the market bottom perfectly.

10. Weekly Waterfalls – Getting outside was my original goal in hiking / exploring nearby waterfalls during the pandemic. This post captures all 38 of the ones I visited so far. It gets a lot of traffic from people near Minnesota.

That was quite a year!

Please accept my heartfelt ‘thanks’ for your readership, comments, and engagement over the last year. I’ve enjoyed having this forum to share thoughts on financial planning and the FIRE lifestyle. I hope you learn as much from me as I learn from all of you!

Image Credit: Pixabay

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