Early Retirement – Six Month Anniversary


This past Saturday (10/1) marked the six month anniversary of the day I walked out of MegaCorp for early retirement.  It was April Fool’s Day, which seemed liked the most appropriate day of the year to do something so foolish.  How’s it been so far? – terrific, I’d say.  A friend who retired a few months early has been thinking the same thing.

To mark the occasion, I captured 10 observations on the last 6 months …

  • Early Retirement Brings Less Time Than You Think – I am always surprised at how busy I am when I look at the calendar for the coming week.  You would think when you have freed up 50-60 hours a week of work and commuting, you’d have an amazingly free schedule, but I feel as busy as ever.
  • It Is A Bit Of A Second Childhood – While I am busy, when I look at the things I spend my time on now, it is almost all ‘fun’ stuff.  In fact, it’s weird to say to myself ‘I just need to a take a break from going to the movie, out to lunch, or for a bike ride this afternoon and read a book or take a nap.’  It has felt at times like I am a kid on summer break.
  • Less Focus On Finances Than Before – When I was working, I was always watching the market and tracking my nest egg.  We’ve been lucky to have a portfolio that is up double digits this year and I’ve spent very little time thinking about our money situation.  I posted recently that most people find themselves ‘on plan’ or ahead in early retirement spending.
  • More Time To Take Advantage Of Savings – I’m not sure how much this has helped our spending overall, but it seems like we are able to take advantage of more discounts and deals than we ever did before.  A lot of things – movies, ballgames, etc – are cheaper during the week than going out on weekends.  Travel offers a huge savings – we just booked long weekend trips in October & November that were very affordable because they are off season.
  • Too Much Media Is Too Much – It’s easy to get sucked into the 24 hour news cycle without trying too hard because the news is on ALL THE TIME.  Especially with this crazy presidential election season.  Additionally, I spend much more time on Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps than I ever have before.
  • Plenty of Opportunities To Work If You Want – I haven’t sought out jobs in early retirement, but I’ve ended up doing some consulting work and speaking events for money.  I’ve done some board work too – some paid and some for non-profits I was involved in before I retired.  Without looking, work seems to find people in early retirement and some is probably good to stay busy.
  • Different Form Of Status – Some people who have executive level jobs worry that they won’t be as ‘important’ in retirement and will feel a loss of the perks and respect that come with it. I’ve found the opposite – being an early retiree has it’s own status.  Several friends say ‘You’re my hero’ when I see them and many others ask to sit down and give them advice on their journey to financial independence.  At the same time, I go to a lot of concerts and sporting events run into old colleagues.  It turns out it really doesn’t cost a lot of $$$ to ‘replace’ most of the corporate perks.
  • Easier To Stay Active Than Ever Before – When I first left work, I was very closely tuned in to my activity level each day. Now, I don’t even think about it that much, but continue to measure via my phone’s fitness tracker.  The result?  After 6 months, I am averaging 96% more daily activity (13K steps/day).  No surprise that tennis, bike rides, golf, and going for walks make a huge difference each day compared with being in meetings.
  • Everyday’s A Weekend – Especially Weekends – I still enjoy weekends more than any other time of the week because that is when there are the most activities happening and all of our working friends are off.  The good news is it is easy to get all of the errands and lawn mowing done during the week.
  • Time To Live Life Well – The best part of early retirement is having time to live life well.  If you are making a special dinner, you can take extra time to get what you need at the store and not feel rushed.  If you are meeting a friend to play tennis, you have plenty of time to go out afterward for a nice lunch at a brew pub you haven’t visited before.  If you are attending a show, you can stay out as late as you want without worrying about being up early the next morning for a presentation or conference call.  In short, your relationship with time changes – giving you time to enjoy things more fully.

So that’s it after six months.  In a couple weeks, I will give an update of my ‘life wheel’ and the activities I expected to keep me busy in early retirement.  Not everything has gone exactly as planned, but I’ve learned a lot and really enjoyed myself.

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17 thoughts on “Early Retirement – Six Month Anniversary

  1. That went fast. Sounds like the transition has been great. Interesting to hear work has found you. I’m sure that could be a good thing to put a little extra cash in your pocket if needed.


    • Yes – I’ve only averaged 1 day of work a month over my first 6 months of early retirement, but they have been very high-paying days. 🙂

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  2. Great post. I wanted to convey my appreciation of all the milestone posts that you have written. They have been particularly valuable to me as I am walking the same path that you have marked for early retirement with mine scheduled in Sep 17. Keep the good stuff coming. Thanks to this post, I am looking forward to my “second childhood.”


  3. 6 months already? Wow time sure went by fast. Sounds like things I would expect from early retirement. Too much media is not good, might be a good idea to cut back. 🙂

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    • The worst is the TV news, honestly. Social media is just fine – lots of interesting things to see/read and people to keep up with.


  4. Wow, 13k steps per day is really really good. It sounds like you are having a great time so congratulations! I had a ton of fun too when I first retired. Well, I’m still having fun, but not quite as much now that the kid started kindergarten. Summer really is the best time to have fun. Stay busy. 🙂

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    • Thanks! Yes – summer has been great, but cold winter looms. We live in Minnesota, so winter is no fun. Six months from now I may have a very different attitude … unless we go to Florida! 🙂


  5. I LOVE the update! These are all things I’m looking to gain (minus maybe MORE time on social media… but I can see how it can be an easy time suck… it already is!). Congrats!

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  6. Wow, 6 months have already passed.. Early retirement sounds like the life! 13k steps.. I average close to 8k steps a day and that’s only because my employer pays me to walk / run. I wonder how many steps I would average if I didn’t get paid to walk.


  7. Congratulations on the early retirement! Sounds like the “honeymoon” feeling is still going strong after six months. Love the part about not feeling rushed through daily activities even though you’re as busy as ever. That’s what it’s all about right, making the most out of every day and giving every activity the attention it deserves.

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    • Yes – I was always a multitasker, but there is little need to scramble around and do three things at once!


  8. Time sure does fly. I wonder if you have found yourself traveling more or less than you thought? If not, is it because there are so many other things to keep you busy? I ask as we plan to do a fair bit of traveling but wonder if the reality of getting occupied with other pursuits may curtail those efforts a bit.

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    • Good question – I put together a specific travel framework and we’ve followed it all year. I disappointed we didn’t have anything planned for this fall and suddenly we scheduled 2 trips in the next two months. They were easy to plan when your calendar is pretty open and we are taking advantage of off-season rates.


  9. First off, Congratulations! Your thoughts here are totally confirming what i thought – that early retirement is a lot of fun but the time goes by fast. So use it wisely!


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